Watch Assamese Film Mission China. The Full Film for Free.

Mission China is one of the most popular Assamese films of recent times. Directed by Zubeen Garg this film is the turning point for the commercial film industry in Assam.

Mission China is all about a journey or a mission of a retired colonel, who is appointed to rescue the daughter of the home minister of the state, who had been kidnapped by Lama, an extremist rebel making its establishment on the borders of China.


  1. Jubin da is Legend and his songs I used to sing when I was young and he should motivate and promote young talent instead of doing lead role in films. Even if he doesn’t do acting he will still remain as legend.. His acting has spoiled the movie, he should promote handsome Macho actor of Assam, instead of doing film himself. He can do character roles instead and still promote his films.
    2nd the Story is very much predictable, it is very much average film to watch If you’ve good story you don’t need costly VFX SFX to spend budget on.
    I am from Assam, so please don’t take my opinion as something negative, I also want to more good Assamese Films. In order to uplift Assamese films, you may not need colorist, cinematographer, Visual effects, action director, editor and all fancy stuffs at the first place. The first thing to start is hire a great writer, whose stories are New and narratives are unpredictable.


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