An incident that not only reflects how we are not & how we present ourselves to the world, but how we behave and react to the everyday things. We may have all the life’s richness and yet lack basic empathy and humanity. Or we may have fewer things and yet a broader mentality. Let’s this piece reminds to see underneath the skin and blood to know someone’s worth. At the end of the day everyone’s worth boils down to their mentality. The broader, The better.


  • Arindam Barooah
  • Aantarik Borbora


  • Anisha Dutta
  • Jahnobi Gogoi
  • Arindam Deb
  • Biswajit Sonowal

Story: Sneha Bhattacharya

Screenplay: Arindam Barooah


  • Veena Rawat
  • Hardik Chawda
  • Bhavna Devchoudhury


  • Rishika Baruah
  • Bhaskar Jyoti Dutta
  • Prabhat Das


  • Arshad Ahmed
  • Arindam Barooah

Sound Design & Mix: Jyoti Chetia

Foley Artist: Bharat Maske

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