Mob lynching has become an epidemic in our country and around the world where people in position of assumed power flock together to intimidate and police anyone who dares to have or allegedly have a different voice than the rest. This is what happened to an innocent 27 years old Imtiaz. The day that started with a seemingly nonchalant way took an ugly turn when he went to a store to buy a pack of cigarettes. He was brutally beaten to death. The reason? A bag of allegedly ‘forbidden meat’ that he was carrying in his hand.

But what would have happened if one person Stood up for Peace and said no to this ridiculous form of violence? What would have happened if one person refused to join hands with this morbid idea of justice? What would have happened if one person said no to lynching and broke this chain reaction? A mob would not have formed. Lynching wouldn’t have taken place. A life would have been saved.

Cast & Crew

  • Direction: Arindam Barooah
  • Associate Director: Gaurav Haloi
  • Cinematography: Aantarik Borbora & Shantanu Tamuli
  • Story: Bhavna Devchoudhury
  • Narration: Rita Bhuyan Barooah
  • Background Score: Ayaan Buragohain


Special Thanks:
  • Moni Biswakarma
  • Kishan Biswakarma
  • Apu Guwla
  • Nitu Das
  • Ripunjoy Bhuyan
  • Residents of Nagaon Tinali


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