Bhaworiya is an Assamese film written and directed by Biswajit Kalita. This film is being made under the banner of SNG Productions and produced by Pankaj Kumar Jain. Bhaworiya is scheduled to release on January 4, 2019.

This is the debut film of Biswajit Kalita.

Plot Summary

A Drummer father is neglected by his educated son and after getting a job of Engineer he demanded his father to give up the 'DHOL' or drum and folk drama because now they are respected to the society. But the drummer did not follow his son's order.

DHOL or drumm and dhulia bhaw or acting with drumm is the oldest form of performing art of Assam. Parama Bhaworiya a drummer who perform dance drama in rural area. He is one of the popular folk artists in his locality. Due to an erosion of river Brahmaputra, he sifted his family near the embankment. He lives with his two son. Elder son is a non-government rural teacher without salary. He works in the paddy field also. The drummer family sold their field for the education of younger son.

In his college life, the younger son fell in love with a girl of a rich family of Guwahati. Following the parenting advice of his lover the younger son forced his father to give up the drumm and 'dhulia bhaw' because it harms his in law's family reputation.
But the drummer did not follow the order.

Time passes. The state government nominated the drummer for the Folk culture preservation award. On the other hand the younger son of the drummer discover that he is not fit for ultra modern family structure of his in law's. So he returned to his village with his wife.


  • Bishnu Kharghoria
  • Nipon Goswami
  • Atul Pachani
  • Hiranya Das
  • Kishor Das
  • Debojani
  • Pubali Kalita

Other Details

Story, Screenplay & Direction – Biswajit Kalita
Produced by Pankaj Kumar Jain
Release date 4 January 2019
Running Time 120 minutes