Bhoga Khirikee

Told from a female perspective, the story revolves around the woman and the three men in her life- her father, her husband and a stranger who forces his might upon her, who cause turmoil in her life due to ideological and existential differences.

Assamese film Bhoga Khirikee is the first Assamese movie produced by Priyanka Chopra’s banner Purple Pebble Pictures and stars Seema Biswas, Joy Kashyap, Sanjay Khargharia, Kasvi Sharma, Mohommed Ali Shah and Bishnu Khargharia.

Produced by Priyanka’s Purple Pebble Pictures and Shahnaab Alam’s Easterly Entertainment, the movie has opened the second edition of the Guwahati International Film Festival (GIFF) at the Srimanta Sankaradeva Kalakshetra.


  • Seema Biswas
  • Bishnu Khargharia
  • Zerifa Wahid
  • Joy Kashyap
  • Sanjay Khargharia
  • Kasvi Sharma
  • Mohommed Ali Shah

Other Details

Directed by Jahnu Baruah
Producer Priyanka Chopra, Madhu Chopra, Shahnaab Alam