Bornodi Bhotiai -A Film on Majuli and its Fading Hopes

For the first time, a full-length Assamese film features Majuli, the world largest river island, and the Majulian people, namely, “Bornodi Bhotiai”. The man behind this film is Anupam Kaushik Borah, who is the first National School of Drama (NSD) graduate from Majuli. He is a successful actor, actor trainer, playwright, theatre director, and a short story writer. He is venturing into directorial work, and the film, ‘Bornodi Bhotiai’ is his directorial debut.

Plot Summary

Packed with laughter, dramatization, music and also magical realism, Bornodi Bhotiai tells the tale of Moukan, the four males from the river-island of Majuli who love her, and also their hopes as well as desires for themselves. You can say that it’s the tale of one man’s illness (a consistent running nose that no amount or variety of Western or traditional medication can treat). It’s the story of the culturally-rich island of Majuli, or of the Brahmaputra River itself. You might claim that it is all of these things, and also you would still not be offering justice to this abundant, refined, poignant film.

The story primarily follows Moukan, that gains a fearful track record in the village after a man that she claims should be dead without delay goes down dead before her as a result of a fatal sneeze. Regardless of a myriad of males that are in love with her, she weds an animal welfare officer from across the river. After a series of events, including a strategy to maximise on a federal government goat aid, among Moukan’s previous lovers ending up being a renowned singer, and another running from Majuli to Guwahati and back trying to find a treatment for relentless cold that citizens caution could turn into harmful pneumonia, Moukan discovers peace, in her little river-island house.

When dealing with a movie as subtle and saturated with beauty as Bornodi Bhoiai, there isn’t really a clear way to trace a specific or linear plot. Thanks to the beauty of its elements, themes and cinematography, you could easily forget that it has or needs a plot at all, and you’d be happy to see it carry on for a couple of hours longer just for the satisfaction it provides the soul.


  • Darathie Bhardwaj
  • Himangshu Gogoi
  • Rajiv Nath
  • Monisha Bhuyan
  • Diganta Konwar
  • Sonmoni Sarma
  • Anupam Kaushik Borah
  • Kaushik Nath
  • Palash Mech
  • Bhaskar Baruah
  • Gunamani Baruah
  • Biren Nath
  • Dipti Devi
  • Bogaram Nath
  • Nirumaai Devi
  • Indiraam Nath.

Other Details

Directed by Anupam Kaushik Borah
Asst. Directed Abinash Bhuyan
DOP Prayash Sharma Tamuly
Editor Rantu Chetia
Music Director Tarali Sarma
Initial ReleaseOctober 28 (Mumbai Film Festival)