Kaaneen: A Secret Search

‘Kaaneen’ is the second directorial work of filmmaker Monjul Baruah, based on a novel by renowned author Dr. Rita Chowdhury, to be released on March 22, 2019.

Plot Summary

The guilt triggered by the happenings following an encounter with an abandoned infant makes the wife of a high-profile police officer obsessively track down her own abandoned child, born out of premarital momentary passion. But her efforts to bring him back to her life hit the high glass wall that divides them.


  • Baharul Islam
  • Dr. Jahanara Begum
  • Purnima Saikia
  • Partha Hazarika
  • Kasvi Sarma
  • Rahul Gautam Sarma
  • Dhananjay Debnath
  • Jolly Bhattacharjya
  • Prankrishna Mahanta
  • Mintu Baruah

Other Details

Director Monjul Baruah
Writter Dr. Rita Chowdhury
Screenplay Monjul Boruah
Procuder Dr. Gopendra Mohan Das
Music Tarali Sharma
Editor Twenchang