SEEMA – The Story Untold

National Award winning filmmaker from Assam, Hiren Borah is coming up with new Assamese film titled ‘SEEMA – The Story Untold’.

The film, starring National Award winning Assamese and Bengali film actor and Member of Parliament, George Baker, Nipon Goswami, and Arun Nath, is being produced and directed by Hiren Borah.

Plot Summary

The film captures the agony of the evacuation of the historic Tezpur town during the Chinese aggression of 1962 and the patriotic fervor of its youths against the backdrop of the AIR broadcast of the Prime Minister expressing his deepest anguish for Assam. The contemporary highlights include the release of the jail convicts and the inmates of a mental asylum and the humanitarian work of the Mission Hospital. The story ends with the unilateral cease-fire and the retreat of the Chinese forces followed by the return of the evacuees and the happy union of a pair of lovers.


  • George Bekar
  • Nipon Goswami
  • Arun Nath
  • Jahanara Begam
  • Reeta Bora
  • Rodali Bora

Other Details

Directed by Hiren Borah
Editor Dipak Mandal
Music Director Tarali Sarma
Cinematography Vivek Banerjee