About Bharaghar - ভাড়াঘৰ

The Tele-serial BHARAGHAR revolves around a family and their various tenants. Based on the relationships between the house owner’s family and the families of the various tenants, the plot of BHARAGHAR is mainly comic and also encompasses the lives of a few neighbours. The different plots are actually a broader reflection of the urban Assamese society. Crisp dialogues and stand-out performances by the cast of the tele-serial has made it one of the most-watched TV serial in the history of Assamese television. Every episode is conceived with a view to providing viewers wholesome entertainment.

Some popular dialogues

  • Hemanta: Alop Besi Hol Niki
  • Hemanta to Moon: Nikamma, Nalayak, Dharti ka boj
  • Kalita Police: Maa Kasam
  • Hemanta: Jabolagelagalugu

Some Facts

  • The first part of Bharaghar started in somewhere between 2012 and 2013. It has more than 500 episodes.
  • The second part was started after a gap of almost one year. It has more than 700 episodes making the total no. of episodes exceeding 1200.
  • The first tenant in Bharaghar were two young boys.
  • The housing complex has 5 rent houses (bharaghars).
  • Kakotis earlier lived in the smaller house (in first part) present on the left side of their current house.
  • Bharagar was the first serial in Northeast India to cross 400 episodes.
  • Beharbari Outpost of Rengoni can be said as Bharaghar's rival comedy serial.
  • Tara, daughter of her village head was the last tenant in Bharghar.
  • The housing complex, where Bharaghar is shot is used by Rang TV and its sister news channel News Live for Bihu-special programs.


Bharaghar finally came to an end with its last episode (Episode 777) airing on 20 January 2018. The serial is succeeded by a new comedy serial 'Bah Amarabati Bah', which will start from the following week. Following are some circumstances which happened in last few episodes:

  • Deepak returning to Madhya Gorumara to see his ailing father.
  • Moon's transfer to newly formed district Charaideo. He and his wife are going to live there.
  • Kalita Police's promotion and transfer.
  • Mr. Bora going to his in-laws' house to meet his wife, who was living there from last few months.
  • Kakoti's father returning to his village.

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