About Xapun- সপোন (The Dream)

    Assamese serial XAPUN - The Dream is the story of a young ambitious boy named MRIDUL who lives in a village but dreams of making it big in life: of getting rich and living a life of comfort. He moves to Guwahati to pursue his higher education after being financed by the headmaster of the village school. He joins a corporate house to self-finance his post-graduate studies and comes out in flying colours. He then sits in the civil services examinations, clears it and becomes a bureaucrat. While working in the corporate house, he falls in love with the daughter of the company’s owner and later marries her. Life was going smoothly for MRIDUL and his small family that included his wife Shikha and two kids, a son and a daughter. But the relations between him and his wife started getting bitter after she insists at visiting her in-laws, something MRIDUL always refused. His wife was now beginning to doubt the reason behind MRIDUL not visiting his parents and his native village. The strains in their relations became wider and the two started falling apart until they got separated. MRIDUL gets the custody of the son while his wife Sikha gets the custody of their daughter. Time flies and after several years, when the two kids grow up into college going students, they meet each other and learnt that they actually are siblings. They plan to reunite their parents and also to visit their paternal grandfather’s place and finally succeed in the mission. The moral of the story that the mega-serial aims to highlight is that it’s good for people to beambitious but people should never forget their roots and always respect and cherish their ideals.

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