About Xopunar Asutia Rang - সপোনৰ আছুতীয়া ৰং

The central character Kiranbala is a literate, simple & cute girl of a general family. She come to Guwahati city to be married to a man. The next ten years were to be a nightmare of almost daily, physical, mental and sexual violence at the hand of her husband. There was no one she could turn to for help and support. Kiranbala missing her all dreams and hope of life. In desperation Kiranbala killed her husband for safety herself and her two childs. She was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder. Meanwhile a social organisation named Seven Sisters Welfare Organisation came to attention to her plight. They was gathering momentum, media coverage. At last the Organisation published a book where wrote kiranbala’s life history and made her a celebrety. She attracted to a famous senior advocate of High court. The advocate appeal her case in High court with the defence of provocation. At last the High court give degree of freedom. Kiranbala’s conviction for murder was reduced to manslaughter on appeal. Accept this main story there are so many other elements of entertainment in this mega serial like Romance, Emotional drama, Conflict & climax, Visualisation of many songs etc.

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