Gohpur – The Golden Glory | A Documentary on Gohpur

Gohpur - The Golden Glory is a documentary on Gohpur directed by Gyanjyoti Borah and Asish Sarma. Gohpur is a town and a town area committee...

12 Facts About Assam That Make It Stand Out From The Rest Of The...

Assam, the gateway to North-East India is known for its rich and diverse wildlife, amazing traditional cuisine, vibrant dance forms and its hospitality. Favourite...
dhola-sadiya bridge

Dhola-Sadiya Bridge – 7 Facts About India’s Next Architectural Marvel

Bringing Assam and Arunachal Pradesh closer, the country's longest river bridge - the Dhola-Sadiya bridge constructed over the mighty Brahmaputra, is all set now! Sadiya...

12 Facts You Need to Know About Manas National Park

Located in the Eastern Himalayan Foothills Manas National Park is not only a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site, but also a National Park, a Tiger Reserve (core), a Biosphere Reserve (national), an Elephant Reserve (core), and an Important Bird Area in the Indian state of Assam.

8 Facts You Need to Know About The Only Hill Station of Assam

Haflong has beauteous views to offer it's guests. The splendid widespread beauty will charm one's heart and soul, connecting an individual's self to it magical green surroundings.

6 Worth Visiting Satras of Assam [With Photos]

In 15th century the first Satra was founded in Majuli. Since then sixty five Satras have come up for the propagation of ethics and socio-cultural ideals. However, at present there are only twenty two Satras in Majuli.