Aaime Baruah

    Aaime Baruah

    Bhagya | Full Assamese Movie | VCD

    Bhagya is a story of a young man from the village and his journey to the army. A true story of love, faith and destiny. Director - Jayanta NathProducer - Gautam Baruah Executive Producer - Bishwajit Baruah Story - Gautam Baruah Screenplay - Dipak Nath Music - Jayanta Nath Background Music - Prakash Bora Camera/Editing - Bidyut Saikia Production House - Gautam Entertainment...

    Akou Edin – Portrays Patient with Amnesia who Writes Diary to Remember Girlfriend

    In the Bollywood blockbuster Ghajini, filmstar Aamir Khan, portraying a patient with amnesia, had written phone numbers on his body to remember them. Assamese actor Akashdeep will now be seen remembering his girlfriend by writing about her in a diary. Akashdeep portrays an amnesic on the stage of bhramyoman (mobile theatre) major, Hengul Theatre, this season. Akou Edin, in which the actor enacts the role, is...