Jupitora Bhuyan

    Jupitora Bhuyan

    Assamese Actresses – Then and Now

    A number of Assamese actresses have been in the industry for years now and their appearances have changed over time. While their beauty and personality has only been enhanced over the year, we take a look at how they have evolved. This is part one by the way. We are going to release one more article on Actors soon. Keep visiting this space for more exciting content. Gorgeous...

    Wedding Photographs of Actress Jupitora Bhuyan

    Jupitora Bhuyan, this quintessential actress of the Assamese film industry made her debut in 1997 with superhit Assamese movie Hiyar Dapunot Tumare Sobi. Her latest role in Ajeyo has proved her unmatchable actress quality. Prior to that, she was seen in Simple Gogoi's film Tumi Jodi Kuwa in 2013. Cheap cloth table runners Jupitora recently got married and we at last grab some images of...