Tanvi Sharma

    Tanvi Sharma

    Tanvi, Gunjan and Tehshin in The Grips of Dubsmash | Watch Videos

    Dubsmash is a mobile app to create short selfie videos dubbed with famous sounds. It's very addictive and has gone viral. The dubsmash has caught the attention of these celebs showing us a side of theirs like we have never seen before. You must have seen Bollywood celebrities and their most viral dubsmash videos, but today we will show you some other videos created by...

    Barsha Rani, Nishita and Tanvi in UK [Photos]

    Recently, Assamese actress Barsha Rani Bishoya, Nishita Goswami and Tanvi Sharma was seen in United Kingdom for some events. They even performed Bihu in an event held in London. Here are 20+ photos from their amazing trip.  

    30 Photos That Prove That Tanvi Sharma is a Real Selfie Queen

    Tanvi Sharma an assamese actor and a classical dancer. She is a young and talented exponent of indian classical dance forms. Tanvi is well...