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Animation Film ‘Mahapurush Sri Sri Madhabdeva’ Garnering Praise From International Audiences

In a very heartening news, Assamese animation film titled ‘Mahapurush Sri Sri Madhabdeva’ has been receiving high praise and critical acclamation in...
Make Awesome Video With 12 Best Travel Vlogging Tips

Make Awesome Video With 12 Best Travel Vlogging Tips

In this ultra-modern Internet era, everyone has tasted a share of fame and glory, even if it's just momentary. We are in...

Whey Protein Vs Plant Protein: Which One Is Better?

Protein supplements have become very popular products among athletes and people who need an extra intake that they do not get through...

5 College Class Ideas for Movie Lovers

If you love film and want to learn more about the craft, you should consider several options. Topics to explore include film...

Where Can I Get A Film Studies Scholarship?

You can find film scholarships from several sources. In the future, more and more filmmakers will be able to get into the...