haunted places in Assam

6 Unusual and Weird Places in Assam

Situated in the Northeast of India, Assam is a beautiful state, and even the ancient Indian texts mention its beauty. One of the most...

Assamese Film “Siyahir Rong” in The Post-Production Stage

It has only recently completed its dubbing, but ‘Siyahir Rong’ is already creating a lot of buzz on social media. The upcoming film is...

Daag Acche Hain (The Broader, The Better) – Short Film

Synopsis An incident that not only reflects how we are not & how we present ourselves to the world, but how we behave and react...

Loktak Lake: The World’s Only Floating Lake [Ultimate Travel Guide]

Located in the northeastern state of Manipur, Loktak Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Northeast India and is famous for the...

Dzukou Valley: The Ultimate Travel (Trekking) Guide

Dzukou Valley, situated on the border of the beautiful states of Manipur and Nagaland, the beautiful hills of the Dzukou Valley are...

A Classical Spectacle – Krishnam Classical Festival-2020

The audiences were held spellbound by one of the finest spectacles of classical dance presentations by some of the State’s leading dance exponents,...
designer blouse

New Ways to Wear a Georgette Saree with a Designer Blouse

As an Indian woman, you probably love wearing sarees, whether they are plain or designer ones. All sarees seem to have an effortless beauty...

Indranee Talukdar – A Name Elsewhere

A number of Assam’s budding artistes and technicians, seeking better opportunities, are scattered all over the country. Like numerous aspiring artists making...

Joor Baruah’s “Voice of Siang” Selected for Mumbai International Film Festival 2020

Assamese filmmaker Joor Baruah's documentary film Voice of Siang has been selected for screening at the Mumbai International Film Festival 2020. Organized by Films Division, #MIFF is...

Hadhukotha – Timeless Tales | Short Film

"Hadhukotha" depicts some of the timeless Assamese folk stories of Roxoraj Lakshminath Bezbaroa. These stories written in the form of "Burhi Aair...

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