Art – Beyond Borders

A prolific novelist, short story writer, poet, playwright, screenplay writer, documentary filmmaker, columnist, TV actor, river engineer, eco-technocrat all rolled into one, Arnab Jan...

Earth – A place for Living, not for Dumping – Short Film

Earth -A place for Living, not for Dumping is s short film made by নৱাৰুণ The Rising Ray অসম to create awareness...
jibonor-batot assamese film

Assamese Film Jeevanor Baatot -Autumn Bonanza

A new film made from Naharkatiya in Upper Assam has been creating a buzz among film buffs, and the people involved in its...

Jatin Bora’s Much-Awaited Film “Ratnakar” to Release on October 11

Making his comeback after 13 years as a filmmaker, actor Jatin Bora is gearing up to present his new film ‘Ratnakar’. The...
Tussar Silk Sarees

Tussar Silk Sarees: The Wild Silk Fabric

When you think of India the first image that you think about is the Indian woman donning the most beautiful and elegant...

Bongeets Make a Comeback Album ‘Xuwadi Xuriya Xubakh’ Released

The unique Bongeets, created by Bonkonwar Anandiram Das, are a beautiful blend of Bihu tunes with other native songs, and they resonated with the...

11 Reasons Why Life in Northeast India is Awesome

Northeast India is a known green paradise known all over India because of all the right reasons. The region, being peacefully placed in the...
blouse neck design

16 Awesome Fancy Blouse Designs for Different Sarees

Gone are the times when Indian women wore plain blouses with their sarees. Fashion has changed the designs of the blouses to introduce fashionable...

Promising Start – Assam’s First-Ever Web-Series Kaya on YouTube

The web series genre, though still at its nascent stage, is creating a space for young, independent filmmakers to present their work...

Best Places to Eat in Guwahati [A Food Lovers Guide]

Guwahati is undoubtedly the food capital of Northeast India. This guide will explain to you the best places to eat in Guwahati.

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