Joymoti is a song based on Joymoti Konwari, the wife of Ahom Prince Gadapani who was tortured by royalists under Sulikphaa, Loraa Roja and was finally killed for not disclosing her exiled husband Prince Gadapani’s whereabouts, which enabled him to rise in revolt and assume kingship.

Audio Credits:

● Lyricist: Team UB & Kallol Kashyap.
● Composed by: Sudeepta Kashyap.
● Music Directed by: Abhiruk Patowary.
● Vocals & Rhythm: Sudeepta Kashyap.
● Guitars: Abhiruk Patowary.
● Bass: Aditya Barthakur.
● Drums Arranged by: Abhiruk Patowary.

Video Credits:

● Directed by: Anuparash Das.
● Cinematograpgher: Anuparash Das.
● Aerial Cinemetographer: Rupam Sarma.
● Photographer: Nilutpal Hazarika.