“Digging into those sparkling eyes trying to find the rhythm of the dancing flowers, once one sets out to sail on the red waves of eternal love.
..not a sore seems to have glared in the adorably mystic horizon ..and the winds of worship blow!.. Yes it is, love is worship!!..”

With the sounds of clinching raindrops in a fresh evening last summer, this project uttered its occurrence and has been growing with utmost care and affection.
Almost after a year of beginning the Production, now it’s on the edge of witnessing the smile on the corner of your lips, the smile which you can’t resist while feeling loved !!….

Vocals: Ananya Dutta
Feat. Gunjan Bhardwaj

Video director: Himanshu_Nath
D. O. P. And editing: Sazzad Hussain

Lyrics: Himanshu Nath
Tune: Rupam Bhuyan
Music: Akash Das
Mix and mastering: Pinku Das
Audio production: Hareswar Mahanta