“Xukh Bisari” by Chandan Das & Dimpy Sonowal

An idea of what it speaks about-

Many of us find ourselves in the pursuit of happiness along our life journeys. The idea itself is somewhat promising, as it fills you with this sense of hope that around the corner, something wonderful awaits. But realistically, this is nothing more than false hope.

With happiness, as with anything else in life, the more you chase something, the further away from you it will travel.

To constantly seek out happiness and to endlessly believe that it is a state into which you will enter and never leave will only leave you feeling saddened and disappointed if it never comes around.

We shouldn’t deliberately seek out happiness, put everything else on hold and then proceed to start truly living only once you’ve entered into your perceived state of bliss. You will come to learn that happiness is something that comes and goes.

Many of us have an expectation that every single moment of our lives must bring us happiness. This is simply unrealistic.

Happiness is not an end point to which you’re destined or will potentially reach. It’s a fleeting moment in life, just as is anything else.

Happiness leads you to look forward to tomorrow.

Happiness will weave itself in and out of your life. Embrace that we need moments to not go as planned and to bring us something we didn’t want or expect, onto the path of struggling and sorrow, to our weakest, most vulnerable points of existence.

Just live and appreciate the good moments as much as the bad. If you reach a state of happiness, embrace it and live in the moment. If you reach a state that fails to bring you happiness, appreciate it for what it’s worth and realize that perhaps you must change something.