8 Movies To Watch If You Loved Coco

By Magical Assam

Corpse Bride (2005): Like Coco, Corpse Bride Focuses On The Notion Of Death And The Way People Perceive It

Alice In Wonderland (1951): Both Movies Challenge The Protagonists' Way Of Thinking

Encanto (2021):  Miguel And Mirabel Wanted To Help Their Family

Turning Red (2022):  Both Films Focus On Generational Trauma

Coraline (2009):  It's Much Darker But Takes Its Protagonist On A Fantastical Adventure

Soul (2020):  It Beautifully Highlights The Power Of Music And Second Chances

Finding Nemo (2003): Family Members Learn To Be Vulnerable With One Another

Moana (2016):  Moana And Miguel Search For Their True Purpose Outside Of What They Know

Spirited Away (2001): Chihiro And Miguel Go On A Journey Of Self-Discovery